You are most likely at my website because you are looking for a lawyer to handle a personal injury case for you in San Francisco or in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you search another law firm's website and find only a toll free number with no local number and if you find no local address then beware. There is no such thing as a national personal law firm for most ordinary accidents. What you are seeing is only a blatant attempt to misrepresent what amounts to an advertising scheme as a national law firm. What really is occurring is the so-called national law firm sells referrals to mostly second-rate attorneys in various locales. Don't be deceived. When you are contacted by a lawyer, or more likely someone who isn't even a lawyer, responding to your call to a "national law firm" ask him/her if they are a member of the so-called national law firm. They won't be; because it doesn't exist.

If you have a case in San Francisco you need a San Francisco lawyer, like myself, who is respected by all of the judges and attorneys and who has an office, like I do, in one of the premier areas of the city.


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